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Does God exist?

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Why have a religion?

The reason people choose to have a religion is because they have a firm belief in God the one who created the Heaven and the Earth.


In Chapter 2 Versus 164 Allah tells the believers the signs of the creator are all around us.


Example 1:


The Earth is travelling at around thousand miles an hour in orbit of the Sun. We do not feel the Earth moving or we moving with it.

Most of us have driven a car or been in a car. A car needs to have its wheels balanced and the engine tuned otherwise the car will not drive smoothly and you feel the car shaking and experience a rough ride.

So something as huge as the Earth travelling at such a high speed and we do not feel a thing. We need to ask ourself a question. Who has finely balanced and tuned the Earth that its inhabitants do not feel it travelling?

This someone or something who has done this, the believers say is the Creator of the Universe... God.


Example 2:


Our body is made from billions of cells. In each cells there is a nucleus and in the nucleus you will find the genes.

Books contain information and are written by people who are intelligent. So information gets passed on from an intelligent source.

Going back to the genes contained in each cell we now know from scientific findings that the genes are codes of information and if we were to unravel those codes it will fill up books after books with information. The genes tell the cells what to do and how to do things.

We know that information in books comes from someone intelligent, so we have to ask ourselves where did the information in our genes come from?

A believer will say the information in genes have originated from the Creator the Universe... God.


Once you believe there is a creator... then you have to search for a religion.  

Why did they accept Islam?Muhammad (pbuh) in the bible Is Jesus God?Quran and ScienceDoes God exist?Contact MeFrequently asked questions